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velvetmorning82's Journal

I am a 26 years old young woman, currently living in Milan.
I was born in one small town in Italy called Rimini, better known for its tourism and its narrow minded population.
So here I am, in Milan, struggling to find a place in the fashion industry as a stylist, working my ass off, no pay and many uncertainties.

I love Music, I couldn't live without music. I grew up listening to pretty much every genre, and music has always been a huge part of my life. I'm an addicted concert-goer, listening to lots of bands and loving a few of them in a way that to most of the people could seem crazy.

On with a list of bands, tv series, writers and much more.

MUSIC Tool, NIN, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nirvana, Kings of Leon, Stone Sour, Slipknot, System of A Down, Green Day, Your Favorite Enemies, are just a few of them.

TV SERIES Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Queer as Folk, True Blood, Gossip Girl, Californication, Ally Mc Beal Sex and the City, Will&Grace, Lipstick Jungle.

WRITERS AND BOOKS Alessandro Baricco, Oscar Wilde, Ayn Rand, The Vampire Chronicles by Ann Rice, Niccolò Ammaniti.

MOVIES I must admit I'm not much a movie person, most of them make me bored but there's still a few I loved like: American History X, One Hour Photo, City of Angels, Requiem for a Drem, Shrek I, The Soloist, Charlie Bartlett.

OTHER STUFF I am a symbology freak, I even thought about going back to university to study semiology. I am in the process of reading Jung books, cos that's also something that I feel I need to learn.
I love photography, Richard Avedon will always be the master I adore. I own myself a Canon 450D which I'm learning to use (she's called Grace, don't ask XD)